Gift Plan Calculations

Please select the type of gift that best describes what you would like to accomplish. If you would like additional information about how any of these giving vehicles can help you accomplish your financial, estate and charitable planning goals, please contact us.

Gifts that Provide You With Income

Charitable Gift Annuity [One Life | Two Life] [One Life Deferred | Two Life Deferred]
A charitable gift annuity enables you to transfer cash or marketable securities to the charitable organization issuing the gift annuity in exchange for a current income tax deduction and the organization's promise to make fixed annual payments to you for life. Annuity payments can begin immediately or can be deferred to some future date.

Gifts With Retained Use

Life Estate Agreement [One Life | Two Life | Term]
A life estate agreement is an arrangement whereby you transfer title to a personal residence, farm, or yacht to charity while retaining the right to occupy and otherwise enjoy the full use of the property for your choice of a term of years or the lifetime of one or more individuals.